Deep Excavation

Deep Excavation; ENG also ensures the stability of the excavation pits, with deep piles securing all kinds of existing roads, railway systems and buildings around

Anchored Intersecting Pile; ENG provides impermeability in deep excavation pits that it trusts, as well as cross pile applications

Anchored Bored Pile; ENG also completes the quality bored pile application of the deep pile systems as well as the anchor manufacturing that is realized with the imported materials.

Anchored Mini Pile; ENG offers project-oriented solutions with mini pile anchoring systems, which have relatively low loads and require less space losses under current conditions.

Cut Off Wall; ENG takes great solutions on waste water purification systems, plants, lakes, HES projects and metro projects with impermeability curtains that it manufactures.

Ail Shotcrete Led; ENG applies shotcrete with flor nail and minimum loss