Soil Improvement

Floor Improvement: ENG applies floor improvement methods that provide optimum solutions when the safe ground handling power can not meet the dynamic and static forces brought by the projects.

Plastic Pile; ENG, considering the price stability balance with plastic (non-ferrous) piling applications, many residential, industrial facilities and similar projects raise ground handling power over project qualification levels.

Stone Column; ENG continues to build credibility with stone column applications in projects such as rail systems, airports and industrial facilities, which are undertaken in earthquake areas, where the risk of ground liquefaction is high.

Jet Grouting; ENG continues its jet grout operations with minimum loss, full application guarantee

Sand Column; ENG has been successful in applying water on the ground in sand piles up to 200 mm diameter and 600 mm diameter.

Deep Soil Mixing; ENG has successfully implemented deep mixing method from the ground improvement methods that have recently gained popularity in our country.

Dynamic Compaction; ENG gets succesfull solutions with dynamic composition when there are industrial institution, roads, etc., or where improper and uncontrolled fillings are improved.

Wick Drain; ENG implements the application of dredging using imported band drains and the machine applications and apparatuses it develops